The classic definition of marketing is: “identifying, forecasting, meeting customer demand and managing it.” In other words, it depends on the work of the marketing service to a great extent how much certain services and goods will be demanded in the market.

The purpose of the marketing specialist is to study the needs of the potential consumer, to find out how the product offered by the company will meet these needs, where and how it will be best sold. According to teachers of leading universities and recruitment experts, the marketing specialist is one of the most promising and demanded professions in the labor market. Any organization, even if it does not have a marketing department, still conducts marketing activities – develops products or services, sets prices for them, creates a distribution and promotion system, is engaged in advertising. Professional marketers need to coordinate this work to make it more effective.

Abroad, the omnipresence of marketing specialists has long become the norm: without them, in fact, there is no endeavor. Along with businessmen and industrialists, the services of marketing specialists are actively used by various charitable foundations and religious organizations. Ukraine aspires to follow the Western tradition: today, professionals are in great demand,they should be capable of serious analytical, research work, with basic knowledge of economics and management, sociable and creative people. Most students in marketing sphere being already in their senior year find interesting and well-paid jobs. It is important to note that many young people are oriented towards entrepreneurship, the opportunity to start and grow their own businesses. The prospects here, under the favorable economic situation in the country, are almost limitless. Good training will undoubtedly help future entrepreneurs to start a successful, competitive business.

Training highly qualified and creative specialists who can develop and implement effective marketing solutions and contribute to creating a positive image, enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises of different sizes and different organizational forms, in accordance with the needs of the national economy.

Professions: economist-marketing specialist, marketing specialist, head of sales and distribution department, head of marketing department, deputy director of marketing department, commercial director, advertising manager, head of advertising agency.

Abilities: Skills in developing marketing programs for the enterprise. Planning and conducting marketing researches, development of different types of advertising, management of competitiveness of finished products, realization of purposeful price and commodity policy, organization of strategic planning at the enterprise.