“All management ultimately leads to stimulating other people’s activity”

Lee Iacocca

In modern conditions of intensification of economic development management has become one of the most important professions, and management training is the basis of training of executives-professionals. At the same time, the development of management skills is necessary for all employees of the organization.

Strong competition in a society requires each organization to have a person who is able, with a certain amount of material and labor resources, to realize them as effectively as possible for the benefit of his organization and each of its employees. This is the main content of the modern manager.

If you dream of managing part of the production process, if you want to manage people effectively – you need to choose the speciality “Management”!

Training of specialists in the field of management of organizations that can implement effective decisions on production management, personnel material. financial and information resources, possess modern management tools and information technologies.

Master’s Courses


Occupations: Head of organizations, enterprises, institutions (of any form of ownership), Head of separate departments, managers in wholesale, retail, managers in various fields of activity.

Abilities and skills: basics of managing the organization, solving managerial problems, organizing the conditions for creative and effective work of employees of the team, orientation in market relations, timely response to the situation, demand and supply.


Specialists in the management of foreign economic activity are trained for organizational and management and economic activity, both in the domestic and foreign markets of goods and services, being able to work in the conditions of competition among enterprises of different forms of ownership.

Graduates can work as: heads of enterprises, organizations, institutions, heads of foreign economic departments, heads of marketing departments, as well as economists, tax inspectors, economists-analysts, managers in the organization of foreign economic activities, experts in economic matters, translators-referents, managers – intermediaries, customs inspectors, export inspectors. Elective courses are provided in Ukrainian and English.

A manager of a higher qualification is a qualified manager of an enterprise (organization) or a structural unit, who is well-oriented in market relations, responds promptly to market conditions, supply and demand, skillfully restructures activities in accordance with market requirements.

Occupations: heads of enterprises, organizations, institutions involved in international business cooperation, heads of foreign economic departments, managers of foreign economic activity organization, translator-referent, advertising manager, sales intermediary, customs inspector, export inspector, etc. .

Abilities: Skills in management and business activities, both domestically and internationally, ability to work in a competitive environment of enterprises of different ownership.

Професії: керівник підприємств, експерт, економіст-аналітик, працівник консалтингових фірм, менеджер з питань комерційної діяльності та управління, менеджер в різних видах адміністративної діяльності.

Здібності та вміння: навички в аналізі та контролі діяльності підприємств, бізнес-менеджменті, ведення міжнародного агробізнесу, особливості автоматизованої система обліку, планування та оцінка проектів, організація діяльності підприємства, орієнтація в питаннях менеджмент-консалтингу.


For the first time in Ukraine, students have the opportunity to study integrated curricula with the Weihenstephan Higher School (Germany). Upon completion of the International Master’s Degree course, the graduates obtain the international diploma of “Master of Business Administration” MBA. The optional education is conducted in Ukrainian or German.

Graduates have extensive employment opportunities both at enterprises and institutions of various forms of ownership, state authorities and local self-government bodies of Ukraine, and abroad. Masters in Administrative Management will be able to work as managers of enterprises, firms, chief economists, economists of I-II category, experts in economics, economists – analysts, employees of consulting firms, economists of marketing service, etc.

Occupations: business manager, expert, economist-analyst, consulting firm employee, business and management manager, manager in various types of administrative activities.

Abilities and skills: skills in the analysis and control of the activity of enterprises, business management, conducting international agribusiness, features of an automated accounting system, planning and evaluation of projects, organization of activity of the enterprise, orientation in management consulting.


In Ukraine, the demand for highly qualified logistics managers exceeds supply. Therefore, logistics managers are one of the highest paid categories of company management personnel.

Master’s degree in Logistics at Sumy National Agrarian University provides a unique opportunity to gain a speciality that is in high demand in the context of globalization of the economy, increasing the level of competition and complication of flows of information, goods, services and capital.

Sumy National Agrarian University focuses on the development of organizational skills and creative potential of managers and specialists in the field of logistics and supply chain management, being able to bring the company to a new high level of competitiveness through the systematization of knowledge acquired in the learning process.

Professions: Deputy Head of Transportation Security, Head of Freight Forwarding, Specialist in Freight Flow Planning; specialist in design and transport and warehouse complexes.

Abilities and skills: Ready for organizational and technical, legal support of transport operations, can form the logistic activity of enterprises both in the domestic and foreign markets, able to work in the conditions of globalization, able to increase the competitiveness of enterprises by developing and applying the latest efficient transport and logistics schemes.