The strategy of the development of the state personnel policy is aimed at the improvement of the human resources potential for the effective performance of the functions of the state.

The purpose of the program is to provide the public sector with highly qualified specialists at the municipal, regional, national and international levels, to form a new generation of managers who have deep knowledge, are able to think systematically and innovatively, make effective decisions, being guided by the principles of humanity and advocate for the public.

The aim of the training on the speciality “Public Management and Administration” is to provide future masters with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and skills in public administration in the application of laws, principles, methods, technologies and procedures in the management of public entities, which will ensure a European level of administrative services based on the implementation of the principles of democratic governance.

Target audience – modern youth interested in solving problems of public administration, state employees, employees in the sphere of providing administrative services, graduates of higher education institutions.

In the course of the study, students participate in scientific-practical arrangements, symposia and conferences with the participation of representatives of international and European organizations, specialists of public authorities.

The main tasks of training specialists in the speciality “Public management and administration” are:

The speciality “Public Management and Administration” is a unique opportunity for further career development for young professionals who work or want to work in state and local self-government bodies.