Specialty: 126 Information systems and technologies


Are you a working professional passionate about IT? If so, specialty in Information Systems is a great way to have a handsomely paying career with immense growth opportunities.

The educational program enables you to upgrade your skill sets for better opportunities. Seek a Bachelor’s degree, become a professional and improve your knowledge for a more fulfilling career.

We offer support for IT-professionals to solve any day-to-day business problems. The first course is devoted to foundational curriculum while the 2nd, 3rd and 4th are dedicated to special curriculum, offering technical knowledge in modern programming, Project management, creating of IS.

Technology today is the lifeline of any successful enterprise. The ever increasing reliance on IT means that our Specialty in Information Systems is here to stay as a specialized and much sought after program. If business problem solving using technology is what drives you, specialty Information systems and technologies is your gateway to a successful career.

The allows you to take up positions as a Systems Analyst, Database Manager, Computer Specialist, Information Technology Consultant or an Applications Developer, among other such exciting roles. We are sure that our alumni should be well placed with global organizations.


Course Structure

First semester

Code Subject Credits
OC2 Fundamentals of scientific research 3
OC4 Civic education 5
OC7 Special sections of mathematics 4
OC9 Mathematical programming 3
OC11 Operations Research 3



Second semester

Code Subject Credits
OC6 Linear algebra 4
OC8 Mathematical Analysis 3
OC10 Informatics and computer technology 3
OC12 Information systems and technologies 5


Scope of the Program

Information Systems and technologies (IST) is a fast growing area of specialization because daily operations rely indispensably on computer-based systems. The long term demand for professionals in IT will continue to grow. IST is a well-suited career for those looking to solve business problems using information technology.

Our program familiarizes students with topics like systems development tools and techniques, information architecture, network configurations, databases, and systems integration, it keeps students abreast with modern information technologies and creates a solid foundation of required technical skills.


Career Opportunities

Increasing dependency on computer based systems in turn increases potential for jobs in this specialization across all sectors. Students who have pursued Bachelor degree in Information Systems and technologies can landed jobs in several IT companies.

/ Some of the roles they are ready for:

/ Some of the job titles: