Choosing the sphere of economy of the enterprise, you will not be mistaken: the most prestigious and the highest paid professions are in this shere. And despite all the talks of oversaturation of the market by economists, specialists in this field are still in the first place in demand. Today, they are needed by a wide variety of organizations, from large companies to small private enterprises. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your business, an economist can propose the most effective development strategy. Income dropped? The economist will determine why this happened, find the “problem” places and propose the optimal solution. Economists are not top executives, but without them effective management would not be possible. They are the “workhorses” who perform all the calculations to optimize the company’s activities. In the Government, the Ministry of Economy, analytical centres, scientific institutes, economists solve global problems in shaping the economic policy of the country, make economic forecasts, evaluate the growth rate of industries.

If you analyze the numerous job vacancies on recruiting websites, it will be evident that employers often mix the responsibilities of an economist, accountant, financial office director and other economic professionals. Some companies need economists who are able to work with securities, others – specialists in accounting and auditing, professionals who are able to calculate correctly the salaries of employees and save on the introduction of a new production line. This is the advantage of this profession. If you failed to become a “pure” economist, it is not a problem. You can always retrain in a sphere of the related economic speciality. For example, start a career as an ordinary planner and gradually grow to the chief manager. Economic speciality training will provide all the necessary benefits: knowledge of planning and control, organization, taxation and remuneration, financial development, logistics, marketing, etc. It is up to you to decide how to use this capital and in what industry to build a career.

The undoubted advantage of education in the specialty “Economics” is its UNIVERSALITY. Our graduate is a system analyst who not only helps you to choose the right solution when a problem situation arises, but also allows you to anticipate and prevent this situation. Specialist has advanced tools for analyzing and forecasting economic situations, as well as managing economic objects in market conditions, being able to organize and lead the work of the organization, can successfully manage any functional unit in the organizational management system.

The advantages of specialists in the speciality “Economics” are:

– possibility of realization of general functions of enterprise management;

– making operational decisions within its competence;

– functional and informational preparation of draft decisions;

– operative management of primary units, as well as independent organizations, which mostly do not have a management apparatus;

– management of subordinates whose competence is not higher than technical staff.

Occupations: economist in logistics, purchasing, sales support, marketing, design and research institutes, public services industry and local government, commodity and stock exchanges, brokerage companies, investment companies, privatization bodies, consulting and auditing firms.

Abilities and skills: skills to work in the field of economics at industrial enterprises of different spheres and forms of ownership, drawing up cost estimates and calculating the cost of production, forecasting economic and financial activities, determining ways to improve the efficiency of the organization.