The profession of an accountant originated 6 thousand years ago, when recorders of Ancient Sumer, Babylonia with wooden sticks made notes on the wet clay plates with a cuneiform about yields, taxes to be paid.

The accountant’s profession is universal and promising. Among the most important aspects of educational activity is the formation of a highly professional level of specialists, it requires deep knowledge of the humanities, fundamental, general economic, professional disciplines, as well as the possibility of professional adaptation of specialists in the conditions of new market economic relations with the constant priority of human values.

Accounting is an art. It is a profession that needs talent and patience. It is a special gift to see in numbers the complex world of the economy in its interconnections and harmony.

The speciality “Accounting and taxation” is not only a popular economic speciality, but also a future direction of activity for those who seek to reveal the secrets of the formation of economic information, which is used to manage the enterprise, organizations, institutions.

No company of any form of ownership today can do without the services of highly qualified accounting specialists, because all of them are obliged to keep financial statements, and other types of recording are based on it. The modern labor market requires trained accountants who are able to keep records both in manual and automated form and can constantly react according to changes in the economy and legal acts.

During training on the speciality “Accounting and taxation” students acquire the skills to study the laws of development and management of tax processes, budgetary relations of the state in accordance with the legislative and regulatory acts of Ukraine; understanding the nature of tax risks; ability to carry out internal control and keep tax records; to develop directions of optimization and minimization of tax potential of the enterprises of all types of property and the region as a whole, consulting in the sphere of taxation; study and analyze standard and atypical tax schemes.

Profession: Finance Director, Chief Accountant, Auditor and Head of Audit Firm, Economist for Labor sphere, Planning, Financial Work, Auditor, Specialist in Tax and Control Services, Financial, Banking and Budget Institutions.

Abilities: Skills in economic analysis, accounting and financial accounting, taxation, auditing, control and audit in the field of industrial production and small business.